Aug 112013

What a joyous few days of studying with the brilliant, beautiful, fierce, creative genius Amanda Sage at CoSM! I learned so much in such a short time… my brain is swelling. I really resonated with the “Painting with Light” class, as our mandala classes also focus on light. Amanda was so fully present and knowledgeable… She gave us so many great pointers from supplies to buy, setting up our palettes, creating washes, etc.

Here are some photos of my time at CoSM with Amanda…

Painting with Light Rosie with "Self Portrait"

Painting with Light Rosie with "Self Portrait"

Eileen Rose and Amanda Sage

Amanda Sage and Eileen Rose

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Aug 012013

We are back from an amazing week with Alex and Allyson Grey at the Visionary Art Intensive at Omega Institute July 2013. It was a magical gathering of conscious and creative beautiful, loving souls. What an honor to be with my dear friends and mentors, the Greys, and all the amazingly talented and inspiring visionary artists. I was honored to have been the Greys’ assistant and have such gratitude for this blessing. I was able to teach painting ideas and facilitate a communal sand mandala.

And so the Visionary Art Love Tribe Family continues to grow…

Allyson Grey, Michael Garger, Eileen Rose, Alex Grey Communal Sand Mandala

Visionary artists group photo

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