Create Your Own Sand Mandala:
For Meditation, Healing and Prayer

Create Your Own Sand Mandala

by Eileen M. Rose and Abby Rose Dalto

ISBN #: 1841812056; Godsfield Press Ltd. (UK); Released by Red Wheel/Weiser(US)

Constructing a sand mandala is an ancient Tibetan ritual art. A mandala (Sanskrit for “circle”) is a sacred, symbolic diagram, used as a meditational aid in Buddhism and Hinduism.  One of the most interesting aspects of Tibetan sand mandalas is that the diagram is meant to be impermanent. Although many hours of painstaking skill go into its construction, after being used in a sacred ceremony, a sand mandala is swept up and the sand scattered into a nearby river or lake as a blessing.

Many people find the dismantling and scattering of the sand to be the most moving part of the ritual. (Read More)

Create Your Own Power Jewellery

Create Your Own Sand Mandala

by Abby Rose Dalto with Eileen M. Rose

ISBN #: 841810091; Godsfield Press Ltd. (UK)

Throughout history, people have worn necklaces, bracelets, brooches, and other adornments with magical and spiritual significance.

Some were amulets for protection; others were tangible links to the gods/goddesses and the spiritual forces of nature. Even today, many people enjoy wearing jewelry that reminds them of their spiritual and magical path and purpose.

This kit includes instructions and materials for readers to create their own power jewelry, with each chapter focusing on a particular culture or spiritual tradition. (Read More)