Praise for Illuminated Rose

“This was wonderful! Literally, I am full of wonder and energy and light after just two days and wish I could stay to continue the work. I hope you will offer this again. I would definitely take it.” — Anna

“Loved this class, enjoyed the group and the humor. Rosie and Mike were great teachers carrying on Judith Cornell’s work with wonderful humor. I would recommend this class in a heartbeat.” — P.C.

“It is a great blend of Qi Gong, meditation and discussion (personal and group) that they teach to help enable your mind to search into its vast depths to pull out sacred personal images to turn into your own beautifully colored mandala. The group was great and the energy was very loving … I am so happy I took this class and highly recommend it to any artists, young or old, boy or girl, interested in the sacred art of the mandala and they’re own personal growth.” — Ely Kale Powell

“Magical, spiritual, centering, healing, enlightening, opening. Thank you!”— Kathy O’Donnell

“Creating my mandala was a journey that helped me gain great insight into myself and helped me gain great insight into myself and helped me figure out the aspects I need to focus on to lead a more fulfilling life.” — Melissa M.

“I really enjoyed the process. I found it very healing and empowering. I was touched by the beautiful images that we all created.” — Polly K.

“Group was great. I felt the energy and love in the room. Great feeling.” — Willie

“Thank you for this wonderful experience.” — Joanne

“Thank you for a great class! I haven’t felt this relaxed and centered in months. Please come back and do this again.” — Lauren M.

“Thank you so much for the wonderful art lessons and paintings you did with the class. The children learned so much.” — P.L.

“My soul thanks you for the time to play.” — Lise Garnier

“Confirming the power of the moment – my mandala came to me in prayer/meditation. Nothing what I ‘thought’ it would be. Beautifully done! Thank you so much. Also couldn’t believe how beautiful your mandalas are.” — Fran

“Enlightening, spiritual, and a sense of connection.”— [no name given]

“Wonderful, well spent afternoon. The mix of meditation and art is truly magical.” — Joel

“It was so fabulous, I felt like a little girl again and played all day. I am grateful for the space that Rosie and Mike created as well as the group for me to remember how it felt and bring it back into my life!” — Fabienne Heymans

“Thank you for inviting my soul’s journey into the hearts and energy of the unique experience in this day!” — Allie Kornblum

“Wonderful experience!” — Victoria

“I am a camp counselor and I would like to just take a moment to say thank you for the resources on your website about mandalas. I plan to use the lesson with a group of 6-9 year olds and appreciate the flexibility in knowing it does not need to be viewed as religious but as a tool for balance and peace.” — Shelley

“This workshop was a delight. Making these mandalas with specific intentions as a group of like-minded people was fun, inspiring and illuminating. Thank you.” — L.

“As usual, the mandala process lends itself to personal introspection and insight. Thank you for the opportunity to go within and work with and in Spirit” — Laurie

“This is a wonderful retreat that takes your out of your head space and connects you with your heart and spirit through mandalas and meditation. I especially enjoyed the bits of stretching and breathing that Michael adds with the Qi Gong exercises. All in all, this retreat includes a wonderful balance of mind, body and spirit. Thank you!” — Kelly Bartlett

“The Mandala Workshop was a wonderful opportunity for self-reflection and growth. Rosie and Mike bring loads of knowledge, wisdom, laughter and love. The beautiful mandalas created by everyone in the class generate a high frequency of healing energy. Much gratitude for this powerful creative practice.” — Ramona”Thank you Rosie and Michael for your joy and your generousness in your being and in what you teach. You have enhanced my way of being and introduced me to new ways of being and new ways of adding and giving to the world.”— Annie Rapaport

“Truly enjoyable and liberating” — David Ivory

“Loved your class last night!” — V.S.

“This has been the spiritual experience I have been seeking. I haven’t worked with mandalas for over twenty years. I felt in touch with something unconscious in my being that I’ve longed to awaken.” — Mary Ellen Price

“Very rewarding. Enjoyed the process of going within to reveal without.” — Bob & Valerie Campbell

“Creating the mandala was a truly magical and awakening experience, a journey into myself.” — Eleni Triandafillou

“I’m so grateful to have been a part of this class today. Thank you for being witness to me and thank you for holding the space of pure white energy. It brought me back to source and I feel so joyful. You are both a pleasure!” — Dara

“Thank you for all the great energy. I think the way you both work as a team is wonderful. It was a day of good energy and learning.” — Bob Ryder

“What a wonderfully uplifting and joyous day. I thank Michael for grounding me as a group and holding space… and to Rosie for sharing her love and light with us. I am grateful for the opportunity to attend this mandala workshop.” — Terry Ganley

“The thoroughness of your teaching, from the history of the mandala, the Tai Chi meditations to the detail guidance in mastering the drawing tools was so nurting and enriching. I feel whole & integrated & I intend to remember to breat in the eternal wisdom of the rainbow mandalas with me!” — Marianne Gunther

“Many of my blockages have cleared and I feel more calm, clear, centered, energized, inspired and creative than last week. Thank you for this healing experience!” — [no name given]

“A lovely afternoon filled with light. Thank you!” — Holly

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