Mandala Classes


Through the use of art, meditation and movement, our mandala classes aid in transformation and the discovery of our divine nature. Every session begins with the group taking a moment to create a sacred space and set positive intentions.

Participants will learn a brief history of the mandala and its use in various cultures. Through meditation and intention, they will intuitively receive and illuminate sacred symbols for healing and self-realization. Using QiGong (Chi Kung) breathing and stretching exercises, they will develop body awareness and the ability to enhance and direct their energies toward healing and creativity.

All participants, regardless of artistic ability or experience, will create a variety of luminous mandalas using colored pencils, black paper and other simple materials. We provide a joyous and non-competitive class, free from ego and fear. Sessions may also include chakra healing with color, light and sound; the construction of a group sand mandala; or a burning ritual to facilitate the letting go of old, painful memories.

Benefits you will receive from our classes include learning to:

  • Create luminous mandalas that express your own Divinity
  • Move beyond your ego and connect with your true self
  • Improve your life using positive intentions
  • Deepen your connection to Nature’s healing energies
  • Open your heart to the flow of pure, unconditional love
  • Recognize and appreciate the gift in every moment
  • Transform old “programming” and subconscious patterns through mindfulness techniques
Come to experience the healing potential of your own creative process.
Increase awareness of your luminous Self and your inner radiant symbols.
Focus your creative energies for physical, mental and spiritual well-being.

Our mandala classes are appropriate for all, regardless of age, artistic experience or religious affiliation. We teach to diverse groups of adults and children, in a variety of venues including new age centers, yoga centers, art studios, senior centers, private homes, and more.

Eileen M. Rose is a certified facilitator of Dr. Judith Cornell‘s mandala process.