Create Your Own Power Jewellery


Create Your Own Power Jewellery

Create Your Own Sand Mandala

By Abby Rose Dalto with Eileen M. Rose
Godsfield Press Ltd. (UK)


Mala Prayer Beads Throughout history, people have worn necklaces, bracelets, brooches, and other adornments with magical and spiritual significance. Some were amulets for protection; others were tangible links to the gods/goddesses and the spiritual forces of nature. Even today, many people enjoy wearing jewelry that reminds them of their spiritual and magical path and purpose.

This kit includes instructions and materials for readers to create their own power jewelry. Each chapter focuses on a particular culture or spiritual tradition and includes background on the power symbolism within this tradition and how these symbols were used in traditional power jewelry. Each chapter also includes complete step-by-step instructions for a project so that readers can create their own power jewelry in the spirit of this tradition.

Readers will learn to make creative and attractive jewelry, including a Native American spirit or medicine bag, an African cowry shell choker necklace, and a Buddhist mala prayer beads bracelet. In all, instructions are included for 12 unique, beautiful pieces.


Abby Rose Dalto
Eileen M. Rose


Introduction: What Power Jewelry Is and Why You’ll Want to Create Your Own
Chapter 1: Symbolism
Chapter 2: The Americas: Native American and Shamanism
Chapter 3: Africa
Chapter 4: Egypt
Chapter 5: Greece and Rome
Chapter 6: The Middle East: Judaism, Christianity, and Islam
Chapter 7: Asia: Buddhism, Taoism, and Hinduism
Chapter 8: Pacific Islands: Polynesia and Hawaii
Chapter 9: Old Europe: Paganism, Wicca, and Celtic Druidism
Appendix: Power Jewelry Symbolism
Glossary of Terms