About Us

Illuminated Rose, Inc. is a family business incorporating art, spirituality, knowledge and healing.


Our Mission

Illuminated RoseThis website is dedicated to the use of art and ritual to heal the individual and the planet, to promote peace, and to express our divine selves. We hope to serve as a resource to educate and unite people – creating a community of artists, healers, students, and teachers – working towards a common goal: the greater good of all.

Our intention is that IlluminatedRose.com be a catalyst for positive change, by giving others an opportunity and a means to:

  • Connect and explore and learn
  • Recognize the beauty and power within each of us
  • Honor the diversity of all people and acknowledge our oneness
  • Work towards love, peace, healing, empowerment, and the greater good of all.
Our Mandala Classes

Through the teaching and use of the mandala and other visionary art techniques, we strive to help others to explore their deeper and higher consciousnesses; to heal and retrieve their wounded souls; and to translate their subconscious thoughts or beliefs into conscious concrete manifestations.

Through the use of art, meditation and movement, our mandala classes aid in transformation and the discovery of our divine nature. Every session begins with the group taking a moment to create a sacred space and set positive intentions.

Get more information on our Mandala Drawing Classes and our Communal Sand Mandalas.

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Who is Illuminated Rose?