The Mandala


The mandala is a sacred circle representing the totality of all existing things – both the microcosm and macrocosm. It is often used in meditative processes to help overcome human suffering and promote planetary healing.

Why Create a Mandala?

Mandalas are most often used as meditational tools. In psychotherapy, mandalas can be used to help resolve problematic emotional states and gain insight into hidden problems. In Tibetan Buddhism, mandalas are often constructed with an intention of planetary healing and are used in peace ceremonies.

This ritual can be used as an aid to prayer, for spiritual and emotional healing, for relaxation, for awakening, for self-realization and for personal growth.

Omandala_gatheringur Mandala Classes

Through the teaching and use of the mandala and other visionary art techniques, we strive to help others to explore their deeper and higher consciousnesses; to heal and retrieve their wounded souls; and to translate their subconscious thoughts or beliefs into conscious concrete manifestations.

Through the use of art, meditation and movement, our mandala classes aid in transformation and the discovery of our divine nature. Every session begins with the group taking a moment to create a sacred space and set positive intentions.

More on the Mandala
Mandalas Circles for Healing

Please enjoy this video compilation of mandalas created by certified mandala facilitators in memory of our teacher, Rajita Sivananda (formerly known as Judith Cornell):

Background music from the album Garden of Serenity II by David & Steve Gordon
Courtesy of Sequoia Records: Music for Meditation and Relaxation