Jan 102014

Jai Lakshmi 6326

It was with great joy, reverence and excitement to, after working on and off for a few months, add the final dot of paint (the bindu) to my Lakshmi painting this week.

In the Hindu tradition Lakshmi (or Mahalakshmi) is the goddess of abundance, beauty, light and good fortune.  She brings wealth to both the physical and spiritual worlds. Lakshmi is the divine partner of Lord Vishnu, giving him the wealth needed for sustenance of creation. Her two elephants represent the worldly wealth, as does her garment colors of red and gold.

Although many worship Lakshmi for success, legend says that Lakshmi she does not reside long with those that are lazy and are seeking only wealth. Find more info on Lakshmi here.

This the mantra for Lakshmi:

Shri Maha Lakshmi Namo Namah
Dhan Pradaye Namo Namah
Vishnu Prayayi Namo Namah
Vishawa Jannanya Namo Namah

The painting was done in the classic Hindu painting technique of Harish Johari. I learned this method from both Pieter Weltvrede and Mavis Gewant, who have kept Johari’s tradition going. Many thanks to them both for without my years  of studying with them, I would never have been able to achieve these results.

Below are the various stages of creating the painting:

       DSCN3100 (1)     DSCN3104    Lakshmi unfinished low

Nov 042013

I love creating all kinds of mandalas from the various wisdom traditions and with a variety of materials.

Creating mandalas is a way of quieting the mind, focusing our energies and tuning into spiritual concepts. A yantra (Sanskrit for “instrument”) is one type of geometric mandala.  A yantra usually contains sacred geometry that has been passed down through the Hindu tradition.

Meditating on a mandala draws you to the bindu (the center of the mandala) and enables you to go inward and discover your true nature. The bindu is the cosmic center of the yantra and represents  the origin of the supreme consciousness from which everything comes forth and to which everything returns.

This is a basic Mahamrityunjaya yantra that I painted last year. First I constructed the yantra in the center and then I added symmetrical designs called vedic squares. Then I enhanced the painting with some images I choose and added several washes and layers to achieve the final result.

Maha-Mritunjaya   Maha Mritunjaya 2 

 Maha-Mritunjaya-3    Maha-Mritunjaya-4


While creating your mandala, you hold sacred space and prayer in your mind. The mantra that is chanted for this mandala is hailed by the sages as the heart of the Vedas and is said to help you tune into the healing force that is always at work within you. You might be familiar with this sacred Sanskrit chant as it has been sung by many New Age singers lately:


Tryambakam yajamahe

Sugandhim pushti-vardhanam

Urvarukamiva bandhanan

Mrityor mukshiya mamritat

Simple translation : Om. We worship three-eyed Lord Siva, who is fragrant and who nourishes and nurtures all beings. As the ripened cucumber on the vine will hang until cut by the gardener, Lord Siva, liberate us from death to immortality.

This powerful mantra is said to remove obstacles and the fear of death and bring happiness and health to life. You can hear these verses here.

May you be filled with health and bliss and love.

Sep 262013

I attended a Sacred Yantra Painting Intensive with Mavis Gewant and Pieter Weltevrede this past weekend. They both were very close students of the late Tantric Artist and Yogi Shri Harish Johari.  It was a wonderful class at Ananda Ashram in Monroe NY.

We each created a Hindu yantra, and/or deity painting done in gouache and watercolors. I also brought many pieces that I had started and got the expert advice I needed to finish them.

Below are a few photos from this event. (More here.)

Sacred Yantra Painting (24)

  Sacred Yantra Painting (22) Sacred Yantra Painting (17)

Jun 242013

This week I created a new mandala using the octagram as its base symbol:

Flower Deva

Here are some other mandalas that I created using the octagram as a basis:

Breath of Plant smaller Heart Jewel

This yantra vedic square I created has the Hindu symbol for Venus (the center of which is represented by octagrams):

Venus Vedic Square


Octagrams are formed from overlapping squares often emphasize duality: yin and yang, female and male, spiritual and material. Squares are often connected with the physical world: four elements, four cardinal directions, etc. Together, they can mean both positive and negative aspects (of the four elements, for example) and the balancing of them. I have created many mandalas with this sacred geometry as its basis.

May 222012
Vitruvian Woman

Vitruvian Woman
Eileen M. Rose, pencil and marker

June 5th Venus will be transiting the Sun. This is an event only happening 4x every 243 years. The last time was June 2004.

The Venus de Milo

The Venus de Milo

Ava Gardner as Venus

Ava Gardner as Venus

In mythology, Venus is the Roman Goddess of Love and Beauty, and closely related to the Greek Goddess, Aphrodite. Many think of the Goddess Venus as the armless statue, Venus de Milo. (I remember my father warning my sister, “That’s what’s gonna happen if you keep biting your nails”) Other first memories of the Goddess Venus are from one of my favorite old black and white movies I used to watch as a girl, “One One Touch of Venus, played by the beautiful Ava Gardner. It taught me of Venus’s gifts of love and beauty.

As the transit of Venus is in the news and on our minds, what a great opportunity for us to examine and redefine the meaning of love and beauty, and because it is in Gemini as it transits, this creates something new in the way of communication. Every 8 years Venus returns to the same place in the zodiac where it was before. It is now returning to its position of 2004. In 2004 there was a leap in communication (with internet, cell phones) And now a huge door of communication may be opening as to how we communicate and relate to each other. Attune to how we share our ideas and expression and communication in a whole new way.

The Celestial Path of Venus

The Celestial Path of Venus

The path of Venus creates a 5 petal rose by doing this 8 year cycle dance in the movement of hearts and creating this 5 pointed star mandala. You must see this wonderful video of the Tango of Earth and Venus around the Sun.

Because of this path, Venus closely relates to the Golden Mean – (Phi,) and the Pentagram, the shape that relates perfectly to the Golden Mean and the Fibonacci series of numbers.

Sunflower by P.C. Truzcen

Sunflower by P.C. Truzcen

The Fibonacci ratio creates the golden mean spiral, as in our galaxies. And in so many flowers, shells, and, pine cones and other forms in nature, as so beautifully illustrated in the Sunflower painting by P.C. Truzcen. Everything is all related.

So if you have the chance to see Venus or even without looking to the skies, become aware of how to live in harmony with nature. In this link, John Wadsworth give a great explanation of this event of the Venus Transit on June 5th/6th 2012.



You can see the path that Venus will travel in those brief few hours when it passes over the sun, live from NASA. There is a video of how it will look.

In Hindu mythology, Venus, known as Shukra, is the son if the great seer Bhrigu. Bhrigur taught his son all of the spiritual sciences and scriptures. They too believed that Venus is an embodiment of love and a benefit planet and governs the refined attribute, romance, beauty, sensuality, passion, beauty, wealth, art, music, dance.

Here are two of my Venus yantra paintings as taught to me by Pieter Weltevrede and Mavis Gewant in the tradition passed down to them by Harish Johari. The mantra to recite for Lord Venus is Om Shukraaya Namaha.


Venus Yantra Vedic Square painting by Eileen Rose

Venus Yantra Vedic square painting by Eileen Rose

Venus by Pieter Weltevrede












The paragraphs below are from the Midland School of Astrology:

The Meaning of Venus

If you do not know any astrology, that’s no problem, you can read this, for I will be describing things in layman’s terms.

Venus is an Earth or Earthy planet. This much must be understood at the beginning. So what she delivers (or takes away) is manifestly and concretely felt. You can hold it, celebrate it and use it. Venus seeks gratification, pleasure and fulfilment. She will give affirmation and success in war or love because her aim is to manifest it …….to make it happen – whatever that is. Venus understands the beauty of form, possession and manifestation.

She is useful in practical and everyday living for protection, power and support. She supports aspiration, success and ac

hievement in LIFE. To the Egyptians, her symbol, the ankh, was known as the Giver of Life.


Birth of Venus

The Meaning of the Sun

This is the energy storehouse of our existence. The Sun’s immense nuclear and spiritual power fuels our lives from within and without. Many ancient and not-so-ancient cultures believed that the Sun was the source of all Spirit. It is the heart and ruler of our Solar System and it controls all life with the heat that warms and the energy (calories) that emanate from it both invisibly and visibly. So the Sun gives light and invisible power.

What do They Mean Together?

On the surface of it, together they mean something very successful and powerful, but on this occasion they might just SAVE THE PLANET! Sort of a cosmic Superman and Superwoman actually. For if you haven’t noticed, Earth is in trouble and we need a miracle. We are heavily over-populated and we are indulging in massive over-consumerism. Debt has fuelled over-inflation and the over-consumption of our planets raw materials. In short, we have been asleep in the wheelhouse of the Titanic for the last two decades and now we need a miracle! So hopefully, this Venus Transit can deliver one…… Read more from Midland School here.

As Venus blesses the Earth with her presence, let us not just witness this, but use this time to connect to the energies of love and to do what we can do to keep peace, balance, and love in our lives with our relationships. with our surroundings, and even with our enemies. Can you forgive and love unconditionally?

Synchronistically, at our Mandala Class at Omega Institute, on the day of the transit of Venus, we will be doing processes on Unconditional Love, Gifting and Forgiveness. A perfect way to honor the qualities of Venus.

For more info on the transit of Venus you can check out these video links: