Jan 122014


Always With You

I started this mandala years ago, after a dream-like awakening one night. It had been sitting in an art drawer, unfinished, but basically fell out on me recently, practically asking me to be finished.

This is where the inspiration came from. I was awakened from a deep sleep by the phone ringing at 3 o’clock in the morning. It was the computer line ringing (these were the days of dial-up Internet) so I thought it might be someone trying to reach us in an emergency situation. I ran to the other room and picked up the receiver. All I heard was a dial tone… but then I noticed the ironing board next to the phone. I had left the iron on!

I felt so lucky to be drawn into that room and made aware of it before it started a fire. I said aloud, “thank you guardian angel!” for that wake up phone call. I walked back to my bedroom and mentally asked “if you are my guardian angel, who are you? What do you look like?” Then I realized “oh, if you are energy, you need not have a physical body.”  I got back in bed and looked over to my husband to see if he was awake to tell how blessed, protected and grateful I felt.

I looked over at him and in the bed next to me was this elder Native American with a shaved head and long, beautiful hair flowing down the center like a long, straight Mohawk. I didn’t have my glasses on (I am quite nearsighted) but I stared at this face… laying there, asleep, at peace. I knew that if I put on my glasses I would see my husband’s face and the apparition would be gone.

I have been curious to know what Native Americans painted their faces and shaved their heads like that. My gut feeling it that it is from the NE US. If you have an idea, do let us know. Peace .

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