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May 8th is the day of the birth of my mentor and dear friend, Rajita Sivananda, formally known as Judith Cornell. She is the award-winning author of Mandala: Luminous Symbols for Healing, The Mandala Healing Kit, Drawing the Light From Within, and many other wonderful books.  I think of Rajita often but yesterday and today I am filled with thoughts and memories, and joys of our times together and the wonderful phone conversations we shared.

It was 24 years ago that I took my first mandala class with Judith at Omega Institute. It was such a spiritual opening and joy for me that I continued to study with her, soon becoming one of her assistants and eventually, her co-facilitator.

In 1979, Rajita, had a spiritual awakening and her art changed dramatically. She started to teach mandala classes that helped participants to use mandalas as a tool for self-discovery and spiritual awakening.

The picture I have attached is one that I took at the last mandala training she presented. We were in the middle of our sand mandala dissolution, and I remember thinking that this would probably be our last training together.  Judith had confided in me about the condition of her health, stage 4 cancer and yet, she looked radiant and beautiful and I recall how even until the very last day of this life, she looked beautiful.

At her last teleconference, she relayed to her beloved students that she would not be in this body for much longer, and that if we were feeling loss and suffering, that we should work through that, because we are seeing it from the ego. “If you remember me from the heart and love, we will be together. I will be with you.“

Rajita is remembered as a bringer of light on the planet.

Rajita had a good passing. She was surrounded the whole week with close friends and family. We chanted the Mahamrityunjaya chant in the room adjacent to her bedroom. We read to her and the apartment was filed with feelings of love and light. She passed in peace and with presence.

Rajita at the fire ceremony in Hawaii where she received her new name.I learned so much from Rajita. Some of the many gifts I received from her include:

  • The gift of silence
  • The importance of holding strong intentions for everything you do or want to create.
  • How to create and hold sacred space
  • When in a state of worry, to take the mountain view, – from perspective your problems don’t often seem so great.
  • Remember to create and speak from the HEART not the head.
  • Never label anyone in a negative role. That only holds them there. See everyone as a reflection of God
  • Before you teach a class, hold in your heart the soul of every participant and assistant, even before they show up, even if you haven’t met them before. Hold that their highest good be supported and their soul will flower and flourish.
  • We are reflecting and transmitting light in our drawings and remember that we are not the doers , we are receiving this Divine light and expressing it.

I am very grateful that our lives have so beautifully intertwined. and until we meet again, know that I love you.

Om Shanti Shanti Shanti

  6 Responses to “In Memory of Rajita Sivananda (Judith Cornell)”

  1. Beautiful Rosie…..thank you!

    Every May I honor her birth, her life and her death (the sacred circle)…and the rebirth of her work through the Mandala.

    I am so grateful she brought us together and that we were able to share and learn from her and from each other.

    Sending you love and holding you close in my heart.

    Love you!!! Laural

    • Thank you Laural. My time with you and Rajita at trainings is a gift that I will treasure forever. Love you, Rosie

  2. Beautiful Rosie

    Thank you. I created a short mandala video and mandala today for a project I am doing. It has been months since I have drawn a mandala. It felt amazing to create and be inspired after so long. It means even more after reading this today. Such a blessing.

    Much love


  3. Rosie: Beautifully expressed with light and love. Thank you!! I feel Rajita’s presence and guidance every time I facilitate a Mandala workshop – especially in the mandala work I did at the cancer center in Nairobi, Kenya. I know that she had a hand in leading me there. The simple and beautiful mandala process that she brought into the world is one of the most powerfully healing spiritual practices I know and share in my healing work with others, and I honor, thank and bless her for it. I am also grateful that she brought us all together as her mandala family. I feel so blessed to carry Rajita’s beautiful and profound work out into the world wherever I am, and to pay forward to my students what I received from her at Holos University.

  4. thank you Rosie for spreading the work and love of Rajita; of Judith. Her words of wisdom and Light continue to guide me and flow out of me, unexpectedly giving guidance, hope and healing to others. Her teachings – especially on silence – continue to guide and nourish me. Through her meditations and her teachings i was able to unite my head and heart and gradually come to know my Soul. She reminded me that death is the normal transition of our soul that lives forever thereby removing the fear of death; we are only transients in this universe. We learned from her own journey that healing and dying – over and over again – was a prelude to our final transition. By sharing her own death and dying she modeled the beauty and grace of peaceful transition. thank you for this reminder for us to remember and to continue to share what we have learned. Thank you for keeping her alive!

  5. Thanks Rosie,

    More than an update of the Blog you beautified it!

    I really appreciate how you shared the things you learned, which in some sense coincide with some of my learnings from Rajita, although the amazing thing was that each one would learn from her what needed the most for their own awakening.

    Thanks also for keeping her website up, running and updated! I am sure you receive her inspiration so it keeps her touch and messages.

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